Father Daughter Dance

I’m so thankful that our community has this special night for fathers and daughters!   We look forward to it through the winter! I keep an eye out for the dress all year.  This year, we found this beautiful dress on sale at Savers for $4.60!  I got the shoes for $1. The dance fee is $15 and that includes… Read more →

Radon Mitigation DIY

We had our home tested for radon and it was very high.  Our average level was ten and our highest reading 20!  World Health Organization suggest levels of 2 or less. Our children sleep downstairs so we needed to get it handled right away! I called the state.  I looked up mitigation companies in our area. We read a lot… Read more →

I’m thankful for my new kitchen!!

Hello, I’m thankful girl!

I like to live well with what I’ve been given.  I work hard to enjoy what I have and be thankful.

We had a small kitchen and it served us very well for 3 years and could have continued doing so for years to come.

This is the story of how we took what we had and transformed it into what we wanted.

Finding solutions for little issues in my thankful life, gives me an opportunity to be creative and that is part of what makes me, me.

I like doing projects, figuring out how to use what I have to make it a better solution for my family.

In this case, I was able to sell furniture and remodel my kitchen and dining areas.  🙂

This is my old kitchen…  a small U shape and not efficient.

OLD kitchen= $ money wise remodel  Two tiny drawers!

One night, my sweet husband said, “you know we could straighten out those cabinets and triple the size of the kitchen.”  He dropped the subject, as if I would forget this brilliant, work laden, plan!!! That was that.

I was searching for pennies and drawing out plans.

The new design would require that we changed the whole room and our old furniture didn’t fit.

Great for me!!

I was able to sell a china hutch, dinette set, entertainment center and a sectional sofa to gain $1,000.

I was determined to use this $1,000 to remodel my kitchen, buy a new sofa,  make a different table and an upholstered bench seat!  Take that Property Brothers!

Are you ready to see how we did all that with just $1,000?

Ok great!!!  Let’s enjoy the ride!

Look at all that space over there:

OLD kitchen=remodel

Backsplash?!! It was needed to unify the space since my final plan involved open shelving on the left.

I really wanted glass tiles for a dazzling effect.  Ya right.

Affordable option for 20 feet?

Paintable wallpaper?   I got this tin tile wallpaper on amazon.com.

It was affordable.  $60 for all materials.

There were great directions in the reviews and I used wallpaper paste instead of submerging the paper in water.

New "tin tile" backsplash

I have never wallpapered, but I decided to give it a try.  One up, 15 to go!

"tin tile" backsplash

All done…  I only had to rip off and realign the corner pieces three or four times! 🙂

tin "tile" installed

Now for paint…  very very shiny!!  Too shiny!!!

"tin tile" first coat paint

I mixed copper and black acrylic paint sponged it on an wiped it off.  This made made the color work better with the counter tops we chose.  It also added dimension.

"tin tile" back-splash final

I like that much better,   It has a dazzling effect at 1/100 the price of glass tiles!


New layout and counter top part two!

Thanks for reading,

Becca, thisthankfulgirl